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Mallika Sherawat Maxim Photoshoot

Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat images
Mallika Sherawat pics
Mallika Sherawat news
Mallika Sherawat is the cover girl of Maxim for the month of January 2007. According to Maxim, this is their boldest photo-shoot ever. In fact, Mallika says that she was on a special diet for weeks to carry of the leather costumes that she wore for the shoot.
Talking about her personal life, Mallika declares that she is single and well, she is not very happy about it.
Mallika Sherawat At The Cannes Festival

Kaho Naa Kaho-Mallika Sherawat

One on One - Mallika Sherawat - 09 Jun 2007 - Part 2

Bollywood Sexy Mallika Sherawat Video

Mallika Sherawat’s $exy Rain Dance Show On Stage

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Mallika Sherawat Murder images

Mallika Sherawat Murder images
Mallika Sherawat
Mallika Sherawat images
Mallika Sherawat picsWe know that the Indian counterpart of Hollywood i.e. apna desi Bollywood was getting hotter and bolder with each passing day. But probably when this hot desi babe Mallika Sherawat came in and it all started to come out of the closet. This sex scene with Emraan Hashmi in Murder is probably one of the most sensuous scene to happen on the Bolly screens….\

Mallika Sherawat - Cleavage Show

Mallika Sherawat - Cleavage Show

Mallika Sherawat Video Honeymoon

Mallika Sherawat Personal Life

Mallika Sherawat Personal Life
Mallika Sherawat one of the top news-maker actress of the year 2003. She is a true blue ‘jatni’ girl from Haryana. She has grown in a “Jat” atmosphere with a countryside education. She has a degree in philosophy from Miranda House, Delhi University.
Mallika always wanted to be an actress. And made her mind to get out of the rut and at least try once. When she alone came to Mumbai she knew nobody. It was hard and backbreaking. She was from Hindi medium school. But all the odds made her resolutions stronger.

Fortunately Mallika got the Govind Menon’s Khwahish which gave her ambition of extra edges. A film about bedroom woes. A small film went to win the big time attention because of unbridled sensuality. She had given 17 kisses in the movie which turn away the attention of public and they gone to see the movie.

Then again Mahesh Bhatt’s thriller Murder directed by Anurag Basu has put Mallika in an unconventional act. Mallika acquired a sex symbol tag after the film Murder (2004) in which she starred, became one of the most successful films of the year. It’s a story of a married woman whose life is hell. She is lonely and had an affair. This film has shades of celebration, of blossoming, passion & love and of insecurity.

She has signed one more film with Govind Menon Kis Kiski Kismat. It’s a comedy film opposite Dharmendra. And another film untitled film of Mahesh Bhatt. Mallika Sherawat’s decision of coming in films is still difficult to digest for his father. He has not forgiven her. But her brother supports her from starting. She believes his support is her strength.

Mallika is the first Indian woman to get an offer to pose nude for Playboy magazine and appear on the cover. Mallika turned down the offer in an attempt to avoid the risk of being blacklisted in the Indian film industry.

Her real name is ‘Reema Lambha’. “Sherawat” is her mother’s last name and “Mallika” sound like queen so she changed her name to Mallika Sherawat. She claims to have changed it because there were already too many actresses in the industry with similar names like Reema Sen, Raima Sen, and Rimii Sen.
Mallika speaks what she thinks. She is infamously known for her controversial sex related statements and is the first Indian actress to work with Jackie Chan.

* Favorite Movies : - Some of her favorite films are Sholay (1975), Silsila (1981) and Masoom (1983).
* Listed as number 9 of ‘Top Bollywood Actresses’ of 2006. (, 8-25- 2006)
* Listed #4 by UK magazine Eastern Eye one of “Asia’s Sexiest Women” (Sept/2006).

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mallika Sherawat From Bikini To The Veli!

Mallika Sherawat From Bikini To The Veli!
With The Myth that she starred in alongside Hong Kong martial arts superstar Jackie Chain, Bollywood seductress Mallika Sherawat broke into Hollywood, but it is her new firm with Bill Bannerman that she is now excited about.If she has says, it is because she has talked enough and now wants her per-performances to do the talking.she’s come a long way, yes, but she’s got miles to go. She admits to AT.

You’ve come a long way from the bikini to veil, now that you’ve signed Bill Bannerman’s Hollywood film Unveiled….

Mallika Says, I think I came a long way a little while back, But a lot of people seem reluctant to see that. I always think I’ve still got a long long way to go, no matter where I’ve reached. I see Unveiled too as part of the journey - a very important part, though!

Other Bollywood top female actors were also in the race for this role…

Mallika Says,There’s bound to be casualty in war!

Indian actors end up doing miniscule roles in Hollywood. Your critics said the same about you in The Myth

Mallika Says,I agree. But this time in Unveiled I’m in every scene and that’s first time for an Indian actress. But one has to start some-where.In a Jackie Chan or a James Bond movie, how much footage is the girl going to get? After all, the role took me to Cannes and Toronto…something that a girl born in Haryana can’t even dream of. How many Indians actresses have even shared a minute of screen time with someone of Jackie Chan’s stature?

What’s this buzz about you going to the US to marry an NRI ?

Mallika Says, what ? I have no clue. You have completely caught me by surprise. With me, there is more misinformation than information. With me people keep inflating everything. My success, my failure, my ego, my weight…everything!

Are you single!
Mallika Says, Yes.I am born that way!

What’s the best part about being single?

Mallika Says,I’m not shattering the hopes of all my male fans. Besides, I don’t have to feel sorry for any guy who has to tolerate my tantrums and my bad behaviours!

You’ve been elusive the past two years, a la Greto Barbo…

Mallika Says, I’ve talked enough, and now it’s time for me to shut up and do some good work.

You admit that initially in your career you did things for attention…

Mallika Says, Of course.I didn’t have a filmi last name, or big banners, directors or male stars backing me. I had no choice but to make it on my own.

How much did it really help?

Mallika Says, Well, I haven’t been knocked down yet. I,m still standing.

What do you think of the rat race among female actors in Bollywood.

Mallika Says, Everyone’s worked out a strategy for themselves and I have mine. May the best rat win!.

Acting Help Me Live My Dreams - Mallika Sherawat

Mallika SherawatBollywood actress Mallika Sherawat says, acting opposite Hong Kong action movie hero Jackie Chan was a stepping stone in her career.

Sherawat played an Indian princess with whom Chan’s character falls in love in “The Myth,” which showed at international film festivals and was released worldwide last year.

“I’ve always felt it was a great honour to be associated with someone like Jackie,” mallika told The Times of India newspaper in an interview.

“After all, the role took me to Cannes and Toronto, something that a girl born in Haryana can’t even dream of.”

Mallika Sherawat’s Exclusive Interview With Maxim Magazine

Mallika Sherawat

Do you watch porn?

Not yet! Maybe I’ll get to it in my old age… Right now, watching Javier Bardem or Jack Nicholson in any movie’s good enough for me.

What’s your fave body part and why?

If you mean a man’s body part, then certainly his head - I mean it includes the face and the brain - what good’s a ripped body with a bone ugly face and a pea brain?? But if you mean effort, then its gotta be the gut - you gotta work real hard to get washboard abs… But somebody told me recently its the calves - so I’ve been looking at men’s calves lately.

No, I mean your body.

Hmmm… I wouldn’t like to take credit for God given assets… so I’ll say hips - For Indian women that’s where all the flab goes and I’ve had to work like hell to keep ‘em lean…

Are you single?

Sadly, Yes!


Haven’t met Javier Bardem yet and Jack Nicholson’s too old for me… besides Jack can’t be trusted. Seriously, I guess most of the men I’ve been interested have been put off by my superiority complex, arrogance, tantrums and as my brother says, bad attitude. If I don’t get a hold of myself and reform I’m in danger of dying a spinster.

What kind of a man do you like?

The kind that tolerates my intolerable behaviour. Also someone who’s thick-skinned and ignores my sarcastic comments, pretends to accept that women are superior beings, loves cinema and japanese food, and doesn’t have diseases, drug problems and bad breath.

This leather outfit, do you think its kinky?

There’s too little leather for it to be kinky, don’t you think? I don’t think its kinky, but certainly skimpy!

What’s your favorite position?

Definitely Position No.1, at the very top.

Mallika Sherawat On Cnn’s ‘talk Asia ‘

This weekend on Talk Asia, Lorraine Hahn speaks with India’s Bollywood bombshell Mallika Sherawat, an actress best known amongst fans for her bold attitude, on-screen kisses and steamy scenes. Her latest role sees her alongside Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan in ‘The Myth’, a movie that boasts an international cast and was screened at the Cannes film festival earlier this year.

When asked about her role in the adventure epic, ‘The Myth’ and how she got her first international project, Mallika said, “Working with the most famous Chinese on this planet- Jackie Chan, and also, I was looking out for an international project and when I got a call from a production house in Bombay, saying that Stanley Tong, the director of the movie is in town, and we’re looking for a fresh face opposite Jackie Chan, would you mind auditioning, you know? So I was like, yes, I don’t mind auditioning at all. I went and I met him, there was a little audition, he asked me a couple of questions and then after a month they told me, yes, you’re on for the movie. It was, it’s a big challenge. It was because I had to do all the stunts on my own, I got bruised, I cried, I howled, I complained, I fought with Jackie but it all worked out beautifully in the end.”

Mallika Said - Its Bollywood’s Loss And I Got Hollywood Now.

Mallika sherawat
Mallika said “Its Bollywood’s loss and i got hollywood now. I m here because of my fans and people who buy tickets to watch my films . I dont want to do films with 4 songs and 2 scenes with big heroes . I want to do films which are my films, which have main role for me. Bollywood is my bread and butter But why not showcase your talent globally. Oh alag ki maza hai”

And she said she will dedicate evrything to ‘Unveiled‘. She will not do anything when the shooting was on . Thats quite a miss for us. But lets wish all the best for mallika in hollywood.

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Mallika Sherawat Amongst 100 Beautiful People!

Mallika Sherawat
As per one of Hong Kong’s prominent fashion magazines, Cover, Mallika Sherawat features amongst Asia’s 100 most beautiful people. The news item appears as the cover story.According to the editor of the fashion magazine, Ellie O’Ready, “Mallika is definitely amongst the 100 most beautiful personalities of Asia and our list would have been incomplete without her.”

As may be recalled, Mallika became extremely popular in China, after her short but stunning appearance in Jackie Chan’s THE MYTH.

Malika Sherawat Wallpapers Slideshow

Mallika - Happy Birthday To You!!

Mallika Sherawat beats time and age this time. Her age is getting reduced year by year. Today Mallika Sherawat celebrated her 26th birthday. Well that is not a surprise at all. All Celebrities celebrate their birthdays. What made Mallika Sherawat’s Birthday special is this time she beat time and age. According to sources Mallika Sherawat was an employee of Indian Airlines (During 95). Then Mallika Sherawat got married to a Delhi based army captain (it lead to a divorce).

The minimum Age for joining Indian Airlines is 18. Star plus had also aired a program in India regarding this…it seems that she was 23 or something in 1994 when she was a flight stewart with Air India. If that is the case this year Mallika Sherawat must be around 30 or 30+. But surprisingly she celebrated her 26th Birthday this year. Isn’t it a miracles attempt to beat time and age. Now Mallika Sherawat has become a wonder now.

Kamal Haasan With Asin And Mallika Sherawat In Dasavatharam


Dasavatharam4.jpg Dasavatharam5.jpgDasavatharam7.jpg

Dasavatharam will be released simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Kamal Haasan plays 10 characters for which he has dubbed in 10 different voices.

Hollywood Action Director Joop has designed an action sequence in Dasavatharam. The shoot for the film started in Chennai and continued in Malaysia, USA and in Chidambaram.

Mallika Sherawat Fusses Over Ranvir

Mallika Sherawat Fusses Over Ranvir
Ranvir and Mallika have worked together earlier in Pyar Ke Side Effects and now will be seen in Rangita Nandy’s Agli Aur Pagli.

It is said that the hot bod Mallika took care of Ranvir when he was not keeping well during the shoot of Agli

We wonder what Konkana has to say about that?

Mallika Sherawat Is Not A Virgin

 Mallika Sherawat

This is the fresh grapevine from reliable sources. Hot babe Mallika Sherawat is not a virgin. She was blessed with a son little while ago and he is there in Hyderabad as of now.

But he was never brought into media to safeguard Mallika’s sexy sizzling image.

This news is quivering the hearts of many of her lusty fans. How could she maintain such sleek tummy and slim posture despite being a Mom of a boy?! She must be given bigger credit than that of Rekha.

Mallika Sherawat -Hot Bollywood Actress

 Mallika SherawatGolden Spots: Mallika plays a Muslim woman who moves from a conservative Muslim environment to the liberal West in “Unveiled”, that was part of her plan to reach the top.
 Mallika Sherawat imagesRaunchy and wavy: Himesh enjoyed shooting the Mehbooba song with Mallika.
 Mallika Sherawat wallpapersBeauty ‘n’ confidence: Mallika’s item number ‘Mehbooba o mehbooba’ Himesh Reshammiya’s ‘Aap Kaa Surroor: The Real Luv Story’ is choreographed by Saroj Khan and Mallika’s thrilled to be working with Bollywood’s dancing diva.
 Mallika Sherawat photosWhite beauty: In the ‘Mehbooba o mehbooba’ number for Himesh Reshammiya’s ‘Aap Kaa Surroor: The Real Luv Story’, Mallika worn exact dress from Sholay, a bright green shiny top, a flouncy skirt made up of saffron and the same green.
 Mallika Sherawat imagesHot in red: Mallika’s high-headedness is not something new, the sex kitten has been on a high pedestal since she signed Hollywood movie ‘Unveiled’.
 Mallika Sherawat picsPeace in white: Mallika may no longer be the supremo uno fantasy girl of Bollywood, but her career seems to have taken off in Hollywood.
 Mallika Sherawat hotSneak peek?: Mallika has often been accused of being a sexy woman without any talent. However, her performance in the 2006 film ‘Pyaar Ke Side Effects’ co-starring Rahul Bose won her praise.
 Mallika Sherawat sexyWoman on top!: Mallika starred in ‘Murder’, a film inspired by Hollywood’s ‘Unfaithful’. She received a nomination for Best Actress at the Zee Cine Awards ceremony for her performance in ‘Murder’. The film went on to become one of the biggest hits of the year.
 Mallika Sherawat bikinishe again appeared in revealing costumes. She made a widely publicized appearance at the Cannes Film Festival to promote ‘The Myth’.
 Mallika Sherawat kiss
Denim dates: Her part in “The Myth” helped her get a role in the new thriller “Unveiled”, directed by Hollywood filmmaker Bill Bannerman.

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