Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mallika - Happy Birthday To You!!

Mallika Sherawat beats time and age this time. Her age is getting reduced year by year. Today Mallika Sherawat celebrated her 26th birthday. Well that is not a surprise at all. All Celebrities celebrate their birthdays. What made Mallika Sherawat’s Birthday special is this time she beat time and age. According to sources Mallika Sherawat was an employee of Indian Airlines (During 95). Then Mallika Sherawat got married to a Delhi based army captain (it lead to a divorce).

The minimum Age for joining Indian Airlines is 18. Star plus had also aired a program in India regarding this…it seems that she was 23 or something in 1994 when she was a flight stewart with Air India. If that is the case this year Mallika Sherawat must be around 30 or 30+. But surprisingly she celebrated her 26th Birthday this year. Isn’t it a miracles attempt to beat time and age. Now Mallika Sherawat has become a wonder now.

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