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Mallika Sherawat From Bikini To The Veli!

Mallika Sherawat From Bikini To The Veli!
With The Myth that she starred in alongside Hong Kong martial arts superstar Jackie Chain, Bollywood seductress Mallika Sherawat broke into Hollywood, but it is her new firm with Bill Bannerman that she is now excited about.If she has says, it is because she has talked enough and now wants her per-performances to do the talking.she’s come a long way, yes, but she’s got miles to go. She admits to AT.

You’ve come a long way from the bikini to veil, now that you’ve signed Bill Bannerman’s Hollywood film Unveiled….

Mallika Says, I think I came a long way a little while back, But a lot of people seem reluctant to see that. I always think I’ve still got a long long way to go, no matter where I’ve reached. I see Unveiled too as part of the journey - a very important part, though!

Other Bollywood top female actors were also in the race for this role…

Mallika Says,There’s bound to be casualty in war!

Indian actors end up doing miniscule roles in Hollywood. Your critics said the same about you in The Myth

Mallika Says,I agree. But this time in Unveiled I’m in every scene and that’s first time for an Indian actress. But one has to start some-where.In a Jackie Chan or a James Bond movie, how much footage is the girl going to get? After all, the role took me to Cannes and Toronto…something that a girl born in Haryana can’t even dream of. How many Indians actresses have even shared a minute of screen time with someone of Jackie Chan’s stature?

What’s this buzz about you going to the US to marry an NRI ?

Mallika Says, what ? I have no clue. You have completely caught me by surprise. With me, there is more misinformation than information. With me people keep inflating everything. My success, my failure, my ego, my weight…everything!

Are you single!
Mallika Says, Yes.I am born that way!

What’s the best part about being single?

Mallika Says,I’m not shattering the hopes of all my male fans. Besides, I don’t have to feel sorry for any guy who has to tolerate my tantrums and my bad behaviours!

You’ve been elusive the past two years, a la Greto Barbo…

Mallika Says, I’ve talked enough, and now it’s time for me to shut up and do some good work.

You admit that initially in your career you did things for attention…

Mallika Says, Of course.I didn’t have a filmi last name, or big banners, directors or male stars backing me. I had no choice but to make it on my own.

How much did it really help?

Mallika Says, Well, I haven’t been knocked down yet. I,m still standing.

What do you think of the rat race among female actors in Bollywood.

Mallika Says, Everyone’s worked out a strategy for themselves and I have mine. May the best rat win!.

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