Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mallika Sherawat’s Exclusive Interview With Maxim Magazine

Mallika Sherawat

Do you watch porn?

Not yet! Maybe I’ll get to it in my old age… Right now, watching Javier Bardem or Jack Nicholson in any movie’s good enough for me.

What’s your fave body part and why?

If you mean a man’s body part, then certainly his head - I mean it includes the face and the brain - what good’s a ripped body with a bone ugly face and a pea brain?? But if you mean effort, then its gotta be the gut - you gotta work real hard to get washboard abs… But somebody told me recently its the calves - so I’ve been looking at men’s calves lately.

No, I mean your body.

Hmmm… I wouldn’t like to take credit for God given assets… so I’ll say hips - For Indian women that’s where all the flab goes and I’ve had to work like hell to keep ‘em lean…

Are you single?

Sadly, Yes!


Haven’t met Javier Bardem yet and Jack Nicholson’s too old for me… besides Jack can’t be trusted. Seriously, I guess most of the men I’ve been interested have been put off by my superiority complex, arrogance, tantrums and as my brother says, bad attitude. If I don’t get a hold of myself and reform I’m in danger of dying a spinster.

What kind of a man do you like?

The kind that tolerates my intolerable behaviour. Also someone who’s thick-skinned and ignores my sarcastic comments, pretends to accept that women are superior beings, loves cinema and japanese food, and doesn’t have diseases, drug problems and bad breath.

This leather outfit, do you think its kinky?

There’s too little leather for it to be kinky, don’t you think? I don’t think its kinky, but certainly skimpy!

What’s your favorite position?

Definitely Position No.1, at the very top.

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